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Symptoms in infected patients do not always appear immediately. The disease often hides in the nerve endings of the spinal column or hides in the nerve ganglia. During the period of weakening of the protective function in humans, it is activated and makes itself felt in the form of a rash that manifests itself in the area of ​​the female or male genital organs. Stages of development of genital (genital) herpes.

Genital herpes can be primary - a person has not previously met with the disease and recurrent - the disease does not appear in the first, which depends on the duration of human infection with the herpes simplex virus. The signs and symptoms of genital herpes will vary accordingly.

Often in men, persistent colds, infertility, prostatitis, recurrent urethritis, aches and pains in the lumbar region are provoked by the active course of the latent primary form of genital herpes, which can only be detected in a laboratory study. The most dangerous is the primary stage, since a person does not know that he is a carrier of the infection and continues to have sexual contact with partners, infecting them.


This type of herpes is caused by shingles on the body, head, face, arm, or leg and is often accompanied by complications. It mostly affects 1 side. The symptoms of the Zoster virus are as follows.

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It is also the causative agent in children with chickenpox.

This type of norvasc pills is contagious during reactivation, but it can only be transmitted to those who did not have chickenpox in childhood. Infection occurs during contact with the skin of a patient infected with the Varicella zoster virus during an exacerbation of their disease. Usually, chickenpox is not ill for the second time, but sometimes the virus can be activated, which occurs when immunity is reduced in various diseases, and it can also manifest itself against the background of a blood disease, with pneumonia, or due to the development of oncology.

Quite a dangerous type, for persons of any age category. When falling into a child's body with air through the nose, pharynx, through the mouth with saliva, and even as a result of amlodipine online, it can provoke the development of serious diseases, or it may not cause harm at all.

This species is included in the group of contagious infections and a person who has received a primary infection may not notice the disease, spreading it to healthy people.

Herpes of the 4th degree can cause the development of cancer, hepatitis, mononucleosis, herpetic sore throat. This type does not pose any danger to people with good immunity. It is typical for people who have undergone complex operations, patients with AIDS and cancer. This virus, even when activated, almost does not affect the skin, but its destructive effect is noticeable on the internal organs. For newborns, it can be deadly.

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You can detect the disease by the results of tests and the following symptoms.

For a healthy person, it is practically harmless, and with a weakened protective function of the body, it can cause the development of pneumonia, meningoencephalitis, myocarditis, and epilepsy, in particular, in children, which occurs as a complication of the disease.

In especially difficult casesahh, lymphogranulomatosis, lymphadenopathy, which can become harbingers of AIDS, may develop.

This virus can also cause drug hypersensitivity and even cause eosinophilia.

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Symptoms of the disease are always well expressed, but sometimes they are confused with other diseases. When the virus is in the activation stage, the following happens. This type of virus makes itself felt only by the manifestation of fever, due to which febrile convulsions occur, but this does not form a rash.

The virus of this type is not well understood, as it has been known since 1990. However, it is common, but the cause of the disease becomes rare.

Herpes type 6 is transmitted from adults to children mainly by airborne droplets. Infection occurs in childhood, but if there are maternal antibodies in the child's body, it does not even cause a rash, and adults, with a healthy immune system, almost never worry about their relapses.